Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Medicinal Mushrooms

Study after study has emerged citing the efficacy of various medicinal mushrooms for nearly all modern chronic diseases: Turkey Tail in breast cancer, Maitake in diabetes, Cordyceps in chronic fatigue and asthma, Reishi in viral infections, cholesterol and hypertension... the list goes on and on.  One thing is becoming quite clear - medicinal mushrooms are valuable allies for those of us wishing to enjoy radiant, optimal health in a world filled with so much disease and toxicity.   Mushrooms are completely safe, very effective and among the most researched herbal remedies on the market today - they are worth knowing about. 

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What can Medicinal Mushrooms do for me?
The question is... what can't medicinal mushrooms do!  They have been shown to directly inhibit viral replication (anti-viral), stimulate immune function, stimulate immune interferon and antitumor activity (cancer protection), protect and restore liver function, and have been shown to have strong antioxidant, chemoprotective and radiation-protective effects. They've been shown to lower cholesterol levels, decrease blood pressure, decrease inflammation and protect the body from the deleterious effects of stress. The  bottom line is that everyone could benefit from medicinal mushrooms.  They are so safe and broad-acting that there is no concern over toxicity or side effects... on the contrary, the side benefits are numerous. As an herbalist who can't play favorites with herbal remedies, I don't recommend them to every customer (though I could!). However, there are a handful of situations in which I always recommend medicinal mushrooms.

Cancer patients - no matter the treatment option chosen, mushrooms will help.  If they have chosen chemotherapy or radiation, mushrooms have been shown to protect healthy cells from being damaged, and keep the immune system strong.  They have also been shown to stimulate the body's natural cancer defenses, and to have direct tumor inhibitory ability.

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Chronic Immune Challenges - Mushrooms boost and optimize the body's immune response in conditions like Lyme, Lupus, Chronic fatigue, Eppstein-Barr, etc.  For those with depleted immune function (from HIV to those who simply catch every cold that goes around) - mushrooms rebuild the body's natural defenses to decrease susceptibility.

Chronic Respiratory Challenges - Mushrooms increase "lung chi" by reducing bronchial inflammation and increasing oxygenation capacity of the lungs.  Conditions such as asthma, COPD, chronic bronchitis or pneumonia, all benefit from mushrooms' boost to the lungs.

Fatigue, Low Energy, Chronic Stress - Mushrooms can be thought of as "chi tonics" that raise the vital force of the body. They improve resistance to stress, moderate cortisol levels, boost energy levels, stamina and endurance.

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